Dear Business Partners,

We care about the security of the transfer of your personalisation databases.

Considering your comfort and, of course, your safety, we have activated a protected website where your database may be uploaded directly to our server. In order to facilitate our processing of your database it is recommended to send the database in the form of a text file.

If the database is ready to be sent please use the secure form.

We are preparing special transmission channels (SFTP, VPN) for those of our Business Partners who systematically (e.g. once a week) transfer to us their databases that are of large size. In such case, please contact our IT Department at

Rigorous adherence to procedures by all our staff and the monitoring systems we apply guarantee the highest safety of the data entrusted to us. Our Personalization and Mailing Centre that occupies 3000 square metres was designed to meet the strictest security criteria specified in the international standards and determined by certification institutions. Considering the security of data entrusted to us by our Customers we have additionally adopted the particular principles of compliance with the domestic Personal Data Protection Act of August 29, 1997.